Call for papers Volume 2, Issue 2, COVID Aftermath


In IJVTPR Volume 2 Issue number 2, we continue the critical examination of ingredients in vaccines, especially focusing on the COVID-19 genetic "therapies" that aim to directly impact  the genomes of human biophysical systems. While Yuval Noah Harari and others associated with the "Great Reset" claim they can "hack the human genome" and thus have the power to monitor and, through a system of cryptocurrency, to control the buying and selling of every person on the planet, the level of their "reading" of the billions of base-pairs in the human genome by relying on their current knowledge of the "genetic code" is something like claiming to understand Greek texts based on knowledge of the Greek alphabet. Their superficial understanding of genetics, reflected in the medical/pharmaceutical/government hegemony, is what got us the Epidemic NCDs (noncommunicable chronic diseases/disorders) dealt with in IJVTPR Volume 2 Issue 1. Those exploding disorders and ones related to them are what Childrens Health Defense is all about. For the IJVTPR, see a bit of the backstory in The Defender.

Now, as the COVID-19 experimental genetic engineering continues to expand not merely to tens of millions of people, but to billions --- people being injected with materials designed to produce the spike protein of the weaponized COVID virus (see Fleming 2021), and perhaps to do a great deal more in view of the strange ingredients (see Lee et al., 2022) and "side effects" (Seneff et al., 2022) that are being discovered --- the present call for papers aims to focus on the "COVID Aftermath".

The scope of the former noninfectious chronic diseases/disorders of Volume 2 Issue 1 has been expanded by the "gain of function" engineering that brought about SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. As a result of the fruits of that bioweapons research, the distinction between "infectious" and "noncommunicable" conditions leading to many disorders, diseases, and a 40% upsurge in "All Cause Mortality in the United States During 2021" seems to have been obliterated. Hear Michael Yeadon, PhD in pharmacology, former VP and Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer Global R&D for 17 years, discuss what he calls "The COVID Lies" that have brought us the COVID health and economic disaster. With all that in mind, the current call is for scientific papers about the theory, practice, and research into known and suspected outcomes of the world-wide COVID genetic engineering experiment still underway, and more particularly, what can be done to avoid, reduce, or perhaps alleviate the looming effects of death and illness as we face up to the "COVID Aftermath".