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Source Data for Statistical Analyses


  • John Oller Professor Emeritus University of New Mexico, Linguistics
  • CDC and Medicare US and Connecticut



The Excel file presented here contains the exact records used in computing the various statistical results reported in the paper by Santiago and Oller at DOI They have not been changed in any way except to remove elements added to blank cells, evidently by Medicare authorities. Also, 37 antirely blank records had to be deleted in order to make the counting functions and ordinary scrolling and data sorting functions work as they normally do in Excel. The Medicare data for Connecticut showing up to 7 doses of COVID-19 injectable fluids were sorted and stacked in such a manner as to enable the counting and statistical comparisons across the various subsamples referred to in the Santiago and Oller paper. Those computational processes were applied only to make the normal Excel functions for ordinary scrolling, counting, creating tables, and charting results feasible. Again, Santiago and Oller express gratitude to Steve Kirsch and his anonymous source(s) for the Medicare data published here. All of the results reported by Santiago and Oller were obtained from these data and are easily replicable by anyone with the requisite statistical and algebraic skill set.

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